Friday, April 27, 2012

Hand Update

Right hand prior to syndactyly reconstruction in Jan. 2010.
I see cut up magazine pages and my hot glue gun. VBS is upon us. With a writing project complete my mission is to get caught up. That and as much calm as we can squeeze into a weekend. Next Friday is our six month checkup on Sidney’s right hand. In January, 2010, she had a syndactyly reconstruction. Using a graft off her hip, the surgeon separated her middle and pinkie finger.  Her three fingers function independently of one another, however the grafted area has thick scar tissue, and it tips slightly inward.
Good thing I like my left thumb as well as my right.

It’s our job to decide what’s medically necessary and what’s cosmetically unnecessary. Right now she has incredible dexterity. Anyone around her for any length of time comments on her fine motor skills. They are completely advanced for her age. It’s tough to think about the months it takes to get her hand back to normal after surgery. However, I know revisions are a normal part of syndactyly repair. 

Newly separated fingers healing.
Of course, avoiding surgery is my goal, but I know it’s not always an option with her condition. Surgery means a cast for six months, followed by a stabilizing split for another six weeks. Casts come off kids easily, so we are constantly on guard watching. Her age was advantageous with her previous surgeries. She was too little to absorb a lot of what was happening until the procedure was complete. So, we will listen to the surgeon. And I shouldn’t forget her minions.

Fingers fully healed two years later.
I’m certain parents of kids with unique special needs understand when I say "minions." We go to the university hospital. Obviously, it’s a teaching hospital. This means lots of medical students. My opinion is if they can learn something and help another family, we are open to whatever they can learn. Plus, and I’m not bias, she’s an adorable patient. 

OK, off to prevent a flood on my kitchen table. Sidney tends to get a bit wild with the watercolors.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Relaxing Not Taxing

I can't believe it's been 10 days since I've updated. Once in a great while Mom decides to do some freelance writing, and all her writing energy is exhausted. So, here I am. I don't have anything overly exciting to report. Dads on an extended weekend which means mom is on an extended weekend. I love the times when we have nothing to do but hang out and enjoy time as a family. 

So, tonight with my writing assignment complete, I joined Tom and the kids for their nightly walk. Just so you don't think I'm a slacker, I typically swim 4-5 miles per week. And Sidney riders like the wind. I can't believe how quickly she's adapted and learned to balance. I can't say enough  good about this bike. I never get excited about stuff. It's just stuff. But this bike is awesome. 

Of course, it's awesome until you set it down to pick a dandelion, tell mommy it's time to blow the dadelion, then fall as you trip over the bike. Then it's time for dad to give his pep talk and go home. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hard Boiled

So, how many eggs are left in your refrigerator? I think we’re down to 30. I unloaded several with grandparents. Eli’s breakfast consumption is still going strong. Tom will be making egg salad. Any takers? Of course his creation will have to wait until he stops doubling over to cough. A plague hit Tom and I over the weekend. If you’re a parent, you know it’s not good when Mom and Dad are both sick and kids are well. 

Despite, the chorus of coughs, we were able to attend church and Easter dinner with the now famous Grandpa BobBob and Grandma JeanJean. 

And do you think I took any of the traditional Eater poses with children in all their Easter finery? No. I attempted snapping a few shots, but none came out well. So, I find the shots of Sidney admiring the newly colored eggs. Quite adorable, but I’m not biased. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Sidney!

Blues Clues Birthday!
I started hearing about Sidney’s birthday in September. Days and months passed with family and friends celebrating birthdays. Each time Sidney hung her head and asked, “my turn yet?” Finally, it was her day! Tom and I bought a Strider bike. She transitioned so well from her big wheel to the Strider, Tom was running behind her by afternoon. It’s a great bike for a child with a limb difference. Eventually, she will ride with petals, but this allows her to gain momentum with her feet, or stride, without her shorter leg impacting her ability to balance.

And I think the following photo sums up the end of Eli's skinned up weekend.
It's blurry, but you get the idea. I felt his pain as he came running inside showing me the injury. Let's just say we are happy the bandages completely cover the scrapes. Ouch!