Monday, November 25, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, all 32 pounds of my “small but fierce” girl clomped up on a footstool, her head barely visible above the pulpit as she recited her memorized portion of the prayer during the Thursday morning children’s mass. One by one, each first grader read their portion of the prayer until it was time for the only kindergartener (Sidney) to do her portion. After speaking a couple of words into the microphone she cleared her throat loudly before going on. I can only assume this was to be if full voice. Anyone who’s been around Sidney for more than five minutes knows despite her small size, she is always in full voice. 
Sidney and I headed to the schools bizzare Saturday while the boys hunted. She got a cookie. Someone does these every year, and they always look awesome.

She did a beautiful job, but I sat in my pew for the first time in many months watching her and thinking of her biological parents. It's in these moments of intense pride or taking care of situaitons which would have been impossible in China, like the times we go to the clinic for her hands, that I think of them. I wonder if they could comprehend what's possible for her here?  Her education, Chrisitanity, medical care, and a family who thinks she hung the moon. It's another time I think of how blessed I am that God chose me to be her mom. 
We woke up this morning to more of this! An early out makes more time for fun in the backyard after school. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sidney's preschool class did a short play of the Hungry Caterpillar. Sidney introduced the play and took the role of the green leaf. Her responsiblities in introducintg the play included speaking into the microphone. Tom and I discussed that her teacher gave her this part, beceause she is not at all afraid to get up in front of a crowd. She definitely will never be the child given the part only to be found crying in a corner somewhere backstage. 

Instead, she was beeming ear to ear. This was one proud mommy. I'm sorry my photos are so aweful, but I can never seem to capture anything in the gym. At least you can get some idea of her happiness. Sometimes we notice her smile isn't a quick as other children, meaning her old soul comes out. There was no old soul on Thursday night. Instead, my little girl was rehearsing in her room a few hours before hand, "Presenting the Hungry Caterpillar," by Eric Carle, by Miss R's class." A few seconds later I heard this as she rambled on to no one in particular by herself in her room, "I sound great!" 
This photo is so hilarious. Coming up from taking bow! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween (Late)

Very funny Eli! No, the green skinned zombie will not eat his sister. This was only before he started dragging his right leg behind him while we were downtown trick or treating, letting me know that's how zombies are supposed to walk. He also thought acting the part might get more candy.