Thursday, August 30, 2012


Did I say I like routine, because we are all doing better with my favorite word “structure.” We’re already on to our second week of school. Eli started last week, and we are getting used to consistent days versus no schedule. I’m kicking lollygaggers into high gear, with warnings to “shake a leg,” literally, shaking my right leg. It doesn’t typically; bring the same gales of laughter as Eli’s younger years. Now, it gets an eye roll, and a “DON’T RUSH ME!”
Sidney started 4 year old preschool this week. Thankfully, we are still in the honeymoon phase. Many of of her sensory issues haven’t surfaced, yet. This year we know how to curb her behavior. We are spending lots of quiet time together in the afternoon and moving through our days with almost militant routine. We’re going through lots of watercolor paint and spending as much time as possible outside, as well as limiting trips to noisy, bright stores.
Her teacher commented she can’t believe how grown up she is for her size. It’s one of the bittersweet things about adoption and being a second child. She came home grown up, and while she regressed in a healthy manner, her brother fills in the gaps.  While her classmates are looking forlorn, Sidney goes through the morning arrival routine with purpose.   It’s polar opposite of what I experienced with Eli.
OK, I need to get something productive done!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

As a fun way to end summer, we camped with friends. 


And we all relaxed.


Moms snuck smores.

And then a relaxing day began.

More hotdogs were grilled.....

and Grandpa Steve and Grandma Sheryl arrived.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So, the countdown is on. School starts Monday, and this mom couldn’t be any happier to resume a consistent routine. We are squeezing in last minute trips to the pool and enjoying days without rushing around. In celebration of summers end, I allowed Eli to go on two separate sleepovers with only one night at home in between. How could I say no? He already had plans for Friday night when another mom texted me. By Saturday night, he was falling over asleep on the couch.

Thank you Courtney from the Rose Tinted Lens

While Eli socializes, Sidney and I are having lots of conversations about preschool. Her days are going to change. Every morning Monday through Friday, she goes to preschool. This week is much smoother, so I’m glad she feels calm while we’re having these conversations. This is a great change from last week.

Thank you Courtney from the Rose Tinted Lens.

She woke up several times last week with night terrors. Typically, if she has a night terror, the day after I can expect to hear about China. Typically, it’s something about “coming on the big plane from China.” So, what she said next blew me away. Eli and I were talking about if/when our family takes a heritage trip. If we decide Sidney will benefit emotionally, we will go. Sidney was sitting in the backseat (the most important comments and conversations out of my kids always happen in the car. She said, “you need a lot of food in China, Mom. You starve in China, Mom.”
I’m certain my jaw almost hit the floor. There’s nowhere she would have heard the word starve. We haven’t used this word, ever. We’ve talked about having food around; she didn’t have enough in China, etc. But never have we used the word starve. Sometimes it’s hard to believe all her mind retained at such a young age.

OK, I’m off to continue tackling my Mt Vesuvius of laundry. Camping this weekend for a fun activity prior to starting school on Monday. Now, if I can find a two subject notebook I’ll be set.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hacking and coughing

Day five on the couch, and mom continues hacking. Bronchitis has a hold on everyone but Eli. Tom’s in denial, and Sidney still has a small lingering cough. I wake up each morning waiting to look in the mirror and see my normal healthy pink. Instead, it’s my pale mug. I typically swim 5 miles per week.  My toe has touched the water since last Friday, and I’m going NUTS!!!

I couldn't take it any longer. I'm incorporating these photos into my blog header, and I'm still figuring it all out. But I had to share one. This is from our annual 4th of July party at my friend Jill's house. Thank you to the Rose Tinted Lens. Please see the link below!

Enough of my incessant whining. I’m going to focus on more positive matters. Summer is winding down, and I can’t wait for schedule and routine. But, before schedule and routine rule our house, I have a ton of organizing to do. Thank you P*nterest. I’m not using all the ideas I find, but I just love the look of the clean rooms in the decorating portion. It makes me want to purge and throw away! Eli’s spending the night at his friend’s house, so I’m getting ready for an invasion in his room. Shhhhhh.

And Miss Sidney is trying to wrap her head around preschool. She went three mornings a week last year, but this is every day. The big time.  Transition is never easy for a kid. Her new teacher has several decades of experience and many of the parents are former students. I’ve never had kids in her classroom. It’s rare not to hear any negative information on a teacher as school approaches; however I can honestly say I only hear good. Everyone tells me the same thing, “oh Mrs. A.! She’s so great!”

This is good on multiple fronts. She’s seen everything. She won’t be easily bamboozled by the master bamboozler. She won’t attempt to over diagnose or interpret behavior. This was paramount last year. Mrs. H. always took her behavior in stride. Never making a bigger deal of it than necessary!
If you like my photos, give Courtney a shoutout on FaceBook or take a look at her other pictures. She's in the Chicago area. Here's a link to more awesome pictures.

OK, off to find a cough drop.