Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coughs and Sunday Afternoon Cuddling

I love a quiet Sunday. It's the time I crave when we're going through our weekday routine. It's really not that quiet as I hear a chorus of coughing. Eli and I are hoping to avoid the plague. 

It's hard to be too upset about our busy schedule. Sidney is grinning ear to ear, so eager every day to see her friends and start a new day learning. It's such a gift. 
A subject unwilling to have his photo taken! 

If I were to do a comparison to Sidney's demeanor practically leaping out of the car arriving at school, I would say Eli trudges out each morning. He loves learning, but he's a normal 6th grader. He's slowly learning there's  reason at 7:15AM mom asks if he's dressed. 7:55AM comes quickly.

So with that, we will find another new week, and I will go change another load of laundry.

Monday, October 14, 2013

School and Scouts

I have five blissful minutes of time to blog. I forced myself to vacuum the stairs first. One of the most dreaded tasks of cleaning the house. I made note our cat is feeling all of his 16 years when I noticed he didn’t budge when I went past him with the noisy machine. I think he’s completely deaf. Sorry, back to my original thoughts blogging. I think we are finding some kind of normal. Sidney has adapted to going to school all day without having a complete meltdown at some point in the evening, and Eli comes around when I threaten to take his tablet if he doesn’t do his homework. Meanwhile Sidney is jumping up and down eager to do her worksheet of practicing actual written words.
I asked for a picture and this is the expression I got. So sassy!
I think eager is a great word to describe her attitude about the newfound adventure she’s taking in kindergarten. Eager to see her friends, eager to learn, and most of all eager to be a regular kid assimilating to a place as big and new as school. I knew she was fine in school on a rainy day a couple of weeks ago, when I walked her inside watching her round the corner to get in line and heard the chorus of at least four other kids shouting, “Sidney!” It was the same after she was gone for a day for Tom’s grandma’s funeral. She charged into line as everyone yelled her name in front of the school.

Eli on the other hand, schleps his backpack over his shoulder on his way out of the car as I say at the approved volume level (so as not to embarrass), “I love you. Have a good day,” and tells me, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” It would be impossible to tell by his dislike of all things academic that he’s getting awesome grades. Tom and I have considered on more than one occasion that he is the best of our genes pooled together. As Tom reminded his teacher during conferences he was glad our reaction to his academic performance is not the same as his mother’s during his own 6th grade conference.
 She left in tears!
Could have used a comb and a cleanp behind him prior to the photo. I have to take what I can get. After all he didn't know I was taking it or I wouldn't have anything.

Over the weekend, Eli had an adventure camping two nights with boy scouts. Something about going into a cave on his stomach. Good thing he was home and in one piece when he told the story. Then there was the other story about getting his shoelace caught in something while one of the leaders assisted him leaving them out of eyeshot from the group. One wrong turn on a fork in the road later, and they were lost. His leader said he’s more than fulfilled the five mile hiking requirement. Tom and I are fairly relaxed people, so I found the whole thing hilarious given that this particular scout leader is exceptionally careful to the point of showing Tom the scouts camping permit issued through the council prior to leaving.
Hanging out after school. I've been informed there is no thumb sucking when she lays down at school, beause another girl was staring!
Speaking of scouting, we have a girl scout in our house. Sidney has become a Daisy and guess who’s  leading? I had four to five moms out of 12 girls that were very excited to help out. This is a miracle considering other situations I’ve been in trying to get volunteers. The girls were great together, and we only meet once a month. My experience in junior high was tumultuous, and I remember this being the one activity I was always excited about and felt like I belonged. I hope it’s the same for her. One of the moms commented that she thought Sidney was a little sister of one of the scouts and about two or three years old. I laugh whenever someone says this. She’s five going on 15.

Okay, I’m off to find sanity for the evening. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hurry Up!

Yay for technology. I'm posting from my phone.

We're finding a new pace. 

Eli finally doesn't complain going out the door to school, Sidney LOVES Kindergarten, and I find myself clinging to the few precious hours I have with the kids in the evening. I miss the uneven pace of Sidney's footsteps echoing through the house. At the same time I'm so happy for her loving everything about school. From the time she gets up to the time her very sleepy head hits the pillow,  she is either asking if it's time to leave or if it's coming up.  Eli is learning with as his sweet teacher says gentle reminders not to leave homework and panic three hours after school when the building is closed up.
Sidney is waiting for soup. We love our front porch and for some reason have used 

it a lot recently. Sidney wanted to eat on the porch tonight, so what the heck. We did a roast yesterday and turned the leftovers into beef stew. It was awesome!