Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catching Up!

It was during the days when attachment issues and tantrums were heavy that I couldn’t help but wish to fast forward to a time when Sidney had the emotional capability to simply go through the motions. So, dropping her off to preschool each morning has been a joy. She is happy and flourishing in routine.  She gives me little more than recognition when I walk out the door while she’s absorbed in whatever activity the teacher has set out to start the morning. In the past several weeks, we have turned so many corners. It’s like she’s finally allowing herself to simply be a kid.
Still going through LOTS of paints!
I’m waiting for the teacher lead walk of shame to the car, but I have yet to see one. We are aware; there is typically a honeymoon period, so we are waiting with some apprehension, but so far so good. She loves her teacher Mrs. A. while her teacher is blown away, saying “She is so grown up for being so little.” Never mind all of her 37 inches, she moves through the school arrival routine with purpose, and it’s so cool.
My little werewolf is making great strides. She’s been watching the episode on N*tflix of Alv*n and the Ch*pmunks. At least two or three times a day she lets out a series of howls. Of course it should be no surprise; she typically turns herself into a cat. I guess I should be happy for the change in routine.
Meanwhile, Eli is patiently watching over a trombone. He started band, and he was so proud to take case into the line of classmates along with two other trumpet players. I can’t believe he’s old enough to be in band. 5th grade has been a bit bumpy, but he seems to be finding his way with the added responsibility and different teaching style of a new teacher. He’s a good student and my goal is not to let him lose his zest for knowledge.
So what are mom and dad up to? As my good friend Jill says, we are “Work Tom and Work Cara.” Tom’s always busy, but mom decided to see what she could do with contracting more writing and transcription. Turns out mom quickly went from a few hours a week to late nights, early mornings, and everything in between. I’m trying to find a happy medium.



Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Do you remember where you were today 11 years ago? For me, I was on the phone with my mom. I realized something very terrifying was occuring, and I've never felt such a loss of control outside of the death of Tom's mom. We live in a crazy world, but on days like today, I try to remember what my mom reminds me. There's more good than bad in the world, and good will always squash out evil.
This day forever changed feeling safe, but I hope that we all somehow retain a bit of what we learned. Unity as a nation, praying for one another, and most of all knowing God never leaves our side, no matter how desperate the situation.
And now on to my original post......
Sidney likes to be center stage everywhere. From standing in front of the TV (“hi my name is Sidney, and I would like to sing you a song”), to capturing the attention of the speaker and congregation during the children’s sermon on any given Sunday (you are not the only adorable 4 year old in front), to generally making her presence known wherever she goes (in the back yard yelling “woo hoo boys” at the neighbors”), our little chilly pepper likes attention.
More Sidney artwork. I give you, the spider.
So, you can imagine her dismay not going first for “show and talent” last Thursday. No, not show and tell. I was corrected. “Show and talent.” I picked up an outwardly sullen girl from preschool. She was quiet until we got inside after driving home. Suddenly, something minor caused a flood of tears. As I picked her up to calm her down and sat down, I was thinking about how hard it is for her to adapt to a new routine. I was thinking she’s melting down, because it’s a lot to take. No, instead, I was informed she wasn’t called on for “show and talent.” No amount of explaining that her turn is coming seemed to phase her until it was actually her turn. No more drama this week, only finding the next item to take.

And more on these two in another blog. With my friend Grace.

So, school is under way. According to Eli, and the certificate he brought home from school, he can play either the trumpet or the trombone. I won’t tell you why he likes making the buzzing noise into the instrument, because that would involve an entire conversation on bodily functions. Since my sweet Kindergartener entered many school years ago, he’s thought it was the most hilarious thing. Eli was only relieved to learn he wasn’t taking up the clarinet, like his dad in elementary school. Poor Tom, playing the clarinet was an alternative to a career in flute.
OK, off to the rest of my day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day Rewind

I've blogged about school, and I can't I didn't post pictures! Eli started two weeks ago.
The photo below could be entitled uncooperative 10 year old. And i just noticed, he's not wearing socks!
And finally, a week later, it was Sidney's turn......