Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crawling to the Computer

Two down and  two to go or shall I say I hope the other two are spared. It’s swift and severe but 36 hours later I sat upright and consumed food. I’m not saying it tasted good or that I want to look at food for the next few days, but the worst is done. I feel worse for Tom and Eli. Both have been spared its wrath for the time being. Sidney had six children out of her class on Friday. Tom played stay at home mom yesterday while delivering me ice and  seven up with his shirt over his face. He placed me on quarantine.

I'm looking for my camera, so I'm doing a rewind!
Meanwhile, Sidney is back to normal. Much as I hate not spending time with our family on the weekend with Tom here, it’s a great opportunity for him to spend time with the kids one on one. That’s something that rarely happens without mom present. After sleeping several hours this afternoon, I drug myself to the kitchen. I was shocked when I heard Sidney calling Tom baba. I thought I missed a conversation upstairs, but Tom told me it hadn’t come up and that she’d also built a house in China. It’s so interesting to see how this all comes up during play. There are many times we’ve observed her playing recently, listening to her say things about babies, adoption, and China. It’s her way of inwardly processing, and it’s amazing to watch it all unfold.

And on a very unrelated side note, I completed a work project on the subject of human trafficking. As an adoption community we tend to be aware of international and domestic issues. I’m not saying we are the only people interested in the welfare of others; however we seem to be attuned. Take the time to read about it. It’s in our backyard, and it’s everywhere. It doesn’t happen to only impoverished people living in bad neighborhoods. It happens to unknowing kids meeting at a mall and going to another friend’s house that has a friend over, it happens to people who have been victims of abuse. It’s coming to the forefront, but it’s slow. Also incorporated into the topic was human labor trafficking. Total there are 27 million people enslaved worldwide. It’s something that deserves our attention and prayer.

Okay I’m descending my soapbox for the evening, getting some seven up and ice and heading to my pillow.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obstacle Courses and Cakes

Understand with the story I’m about to tell that I used to roll my eyes at people’s cute kid stories. That was obviously prior to having my own cute kid stories. As Sidney was sitting in my lap waiting for the requisite minute to pass while applying a temporary tattoo, she looked up at the counter and asked in very clear speech as if to impress me with her speaking ability while bucking for a treat before lunch, “Can I have a graham crapper mommy?” 
"Mom really? Hurry up!" 

First place in the Marine's category.
Sidney was invited to her first birthday party with a classmate this year. I think any adoptive parent will understand when I say the most ordinary activities are the most special. Watching her carefree attitude and seeing her joy at the smallest of things makes us all smile. It was on a Sunday, so Dad was able to share in the fun by being the parent in attendance. Eli and I were working tediously on his cake. It was his last cake auction in Cub scouts. Parents help create a cake and businesses in town purchase them. It’s a great way to raise funds. Besides, who can resist a scout proudly walking in front of the audience with their cake mom teeters on the edge of her seat waiting for the precariously positioned cake to slide off the board as the tiny scout can barely carrie it back and forth.  There were a couple of near misses last night. Eli got first place in his division!
I'm so glad Eli convinced me not to do a tank!
Meanwhile we are watching our cats slow decent. Ralph is 15 years old, and we are seeing him begin to fail. Like an older person, he has his good days and his bad days. Unfortunately, losing a pet is tough. There’s no way to go around it. We’ve had the tough talk with the kids already about a pet having a good life until the end. This includes not dragging things out too long in order to satisfy our own needs to have a pet versus doing what’s humane and gives the animal dignity. Wouldn’t you know after my speech he rallied around the next day? He’s sleeping next to me on the couch and continues his geriatric howl each morning to be fed.
Okay, I’m off to finish work. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

And so begins my season of sanity...

I'm sitting here listening to Sidney playing.You know your child is an orthopedic patient when their play consists of the doll going through x-ray with normal or abnormal results. We are at the end of a very long break. I have one child bursting to go back to school and the other in a period of mourning. Sidney misses the structure and her friends.  Much like his father, Eli is in slow motion a majority of the time and no school means not being rushed. 
That's right Sidney  you are "Rad Like Dad."
The break was blessedly uneventful outside of me breaking a tooth. Is this what happens when you’re 38 and 40 is looming around the corner? You start highlighting your hair more and spitting pieces of your tooth into your hand?

Okay off to relax and mentally prepare for another week sans broken tooth.