Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday Night

Saturday night, a movie on cable I’ve seen bits of a million times, and finally am sitting down to watch the whole thing. I’m thinking about Sidney before she went to bed and watching her carrying her  “caboodle,” everywhere. Think fishing tackle box that’s pink and purple with princesses on the lid. 
All ready for school. See you later mom!

All of her treasured items. She can be found taking it upstairs at bedtime and hauling it back down in the morning. Sometimes she sleeps with it next to her. The contents are always changing but at any given time typically include hair accessories, plastic necklaces, spare change inside a tin left over from mints, and plastic necklaces. A girl never knows what she’s going to need. Sometimes I wish I could lock my kids in childhood just a little longer.
Parade route ending on opposite side of town from the instrument case
means a free concert in your car.
In other news, I have to report that 1st Grade and 7th grade have started smoothly. This year more than others is a natural progression. 1st Grade means Sidney is on her second year of day long school, and Eli is in the same place. We were convinced public school was right for him until we starting putting more thought into the academic side. It’s frightening when you start mapping it out in 7th grade, planning how they will impact him by 12th grade. 

Noodle time.....
It’s also hard enough to have size 12 shoes when you’re 12 years old, that. Eli just got through telling me he’s fallen over backward in a chair in school three times already in the month they’ve been back in school. Crazy!