Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Sidney / Happy Easter

It’s Friday night, and we’re all collapsed around the living room in a similar manner to other Friday nights after a busy week. That is, of course, all except for Sidney who never seems to be without energy. After a birthday and Easter going back to the uneventful nature of the daily grind was anticlimactic for Sidney. No birthday presents, no Easter bunny, along with a busy schedule including holy week. She is my kid that loves to be constantly on the move and doing something. I advised her were back to regular life! 
Coloring eggs
Like every year my child turns a year older, it’s almost impossible for me to believe how quickly time moves once you have children. There’s no way Sidney should be seven. I think between six and seven, I’ve observed her acting the most like a child of anytime in the past six years. I thought about this the other day as I saw her skipping from one place to the next (while I also noted her limb difference doesn’t slow her down skipping!). She was carefree, and it’s amazing to see after experiencing my serious almost militant toddler. God is definitely working in her life. 
I realized after taking this photo Easter morning that it would have probably been a better shot without the rusty shovel behind he kids!
Oh well. That's real life. 
As with so many other holidays ad birthdays art supplies were the main ingredient. A majority of her free time is spent drawing and creating whatever she fashions out of paper, construction paper, crayons and markers. Sometimes she might throw in a random paper airplane. She can make the best planes. Eli has a book that's received a lot of great use, and she completely taught herself how to make them. 

Okay, time to find something productive to do on my Friday night like look at Pinterest or catch a rerun on Netflix.