Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

It’s a very quiet lazy Monday afternoon. All of the Christmas festivities have made a very sleepy Sidney and Mommy. Eli is still in some kind of post-Christmas euphoria, creating the Lego Battle of Endor. We are all recovering from a sugar hangover.  Our weekend was filled with family, leaving us very blessed to have spent time with so many people in our families. 

Tom had Christmas Eve off, so we feverishly prepared to head to his stepdad’s house. Since the death of his mother almost six years ago, and his stepfathers remarriage to Grandma Cheryll, we have gained two additional sets of cousins.  This creates a great play atmosphere, and we all look forward to these gatherings. Thirteen table leaves later, we were ready to eat. We live in an Amish community, and Tom’s mother had the table specially built, prior to her death, to accommodate our already large family. A buffet style brunch appeared , wrapping paper flew, and we were off to Tom’s Grandmas house a few miles away for the afternoon and evening.

Hanging out with Grandma Sheryl
Another group of upwards of thirty people gathered as more wrapping paper flew. I have learned to have fun in the bedlam.  My concern was Sidney’s reaction to all this activity. Last year, she was out of sorts, but this year, she threw herself into the chaos. Despite her need to be with mom at all times, she also loves to be in the spotlight. With Aunt Jill and Grandma Sheryl alternately doting on her, the little ham ball ate up the festive atmosphere. Suddenly, she threw herself into the middle of a group of small second cousins and began singing Jingle Bells. Unafraid to have her voice heard, she belted out the chorus. “Jingle bewwwlls, jingoal awl da whayyyyy!” Eli looked on, drinking his pop. I don’t allow the kids to drink any caffeinated beverages, drinking only milk (okay, maybe chocolate milk), apple juice, or water. Of course, he didn’t know it was sugar free and caffeine free. A little fact Tom left out at the refrigerator.

After this whirlwind of activity, we found it peaceful to spend the day as a family of four at home on Christmas day. At 5:30am, I heard Eli say loudly, “well, I guess I’m up for the day.” This phrase was half question half declaration. Sidney woke up as her brothers voice echoed through the house. She almost fell asleep several times while we opened gifts. An exhausted little girl slept in after ripping open her gifts.

1st Place Winner - Ugly Sweater
This was a short reprieve as we got back up early again and headed for Grandpa BobBob and Grandma Jean’s house yesterday. I will spare Tom the most revealing photos of the 1st annual ugly sweater contest which he donned sans undershirt, creating a tacky midriff bearing, yet festive top. Mom and Eli worked on their shirts on Christmas day, complete with sparkle puff paint   and sparkling balls.

Grandpa Bob and his friend (an artist) did a great job! 

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