Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Break Madness

Christmas break has intensified the loving interactions which go on between brother and sister. At the beginning of the week, we could go outside, and blow off energy. We have a ton of snow, and this wears them both out in a short period. Then is started raining. If we had another day to spend today, we would definitely be visiting the McDonald’s Playland. Yes, I profess being a germophobe, but I have my limits.

I am looking for a new pair of shoes for Sidney. This is not earth shattering news, but when you have a child with a limb difference, you look for something cute with a sole. A sole accommodates the lift the local orthopedic office places inside. As best I can understand, and I am sure there is something technical in the process, they cut the sole apart and place a material in the middle. This is a means of giving her something cute without an overly orthopedic look. Many people don’t realize she has a limb difference, because she functions so well without it. We can let her run around barefooted. Our orthopedist said it will not impact her spine, because she accommodates with the other foot. Plus, if you think about how a toddler plays, they are not standing for long periods, they are typically moving from one spot to the next. Or on our case, fighting with her brother from one place to the next. I will be a bit relieved when she goes to school as she will have to keep the shoes on at all times. Despite what the orthopedist told us, common sense tells me it is easier on her back.

Dad is home today, and I am certain he will appreciate that I have sent both kids upstairs to wake him up.  We are off tomorrow to see my sister in law and family, including Sidney’s China cousin. It is amazing to me they are both from provinces next to one another. Obviously, neither of our families picked our provinces, but they still ended up being east and west of one another. I am off, the battle wages between brother and sister. I hear objects flying.  

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