Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tipping Trees

 I didn’t think it was possible to tip over an entire Christmas tree. I am sure the neighbors across the street heard me scream as I tried to stand our tree back up. I don’t even think I know how it happened, it all happened so quickly. I am going to have to talk with Tom and see if he sabotaged the tree.  He finally relented and agreed to another real tree. This was a minor miracle, considering the amount of time it took me to pick one last year. Fortunately for Tom, 7 degree temperatures were conducive to a quick decision making process. I dashed out of the truck long enough to do a quick once over and darted back to the vehicle. A quick tree shake later, and we went inside to see Santa. Sidney wanted nothing to do with getting near the man in the red suite. Of course, Eli would have nothing to do with sitting in Santa's lap to show his sister it was okay. Despite her trepidation, the entire ride home, she insisted on going back to sit in Santa’s lap.

Tonight was her night. Eli had a concert for school and the man in a red suit could be seen going to the front. She alternately waved and shouted hello. She sat in his lap, looking like a deer in headlights. Of course, I didn’t have my camera, so a nice parent is forwarding photos to me. During the concert tonight I had a flashback to two years. I was sitting in the same place during a similar Christmas play wondering how things were going to happen in the next year. We had just entered the special needs program. We’ll just say it was awfully nice to have Sidney in my lap, alternately attempting to sing out loud with the songs and creating a wrestling match for mom and dad.

On an unrelated topic, we are heavy into potty training. She is either an easy child to potty train, or she started prior to coming home. I have heard this many times about orphanages with kids starting very early. Kids are put on a potty for extended periods. It is impossible to know if a young child understands the concept or simply sits there without putting it all together. Either way, she is a smart cookie, and I am hoping to have her completely out of diapers soon!

Ah, a quiet house with sleeping children. Time to relax!

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Rachelle said...

The boys still have not braved Santa. Perhaps tomorrow.