Saturday, December 4, 2010

This week, I was milling around Sidney’s room picking up. “NiNi’s (Sidney’s) room?” she asked. “Yes, Sidney’s room,” I said. “Oh, thank you mommy.” Not only did she thank me once, she thanked me numerous times. She is too young to have any vivid recollection of a time this room did not belong to her. Something recognized having. There are times her behavior is purely instinctual, and this was one of those times. I could almost see the wheels in her brain turning. This isn’t the first time I have mentioned, Sidney conveys many behaviors which give a window into her past. 

As I write this blog I am sitting inside, enjoying the warmth of my furnace, a cup of coffee, and my laptop, while Eli is outside before 8am shoveling the driveway. As I stumbled downstairs, hair askew (my family will appreciate this accurate portrayal), Eli was almost hyperactive, jumping up and down. It is still snowing outside, and the ground is covered for the first time this year. At this point, I was groping for the coffee while a sleepy Sidney sat on my hip, looking incoherent. He quickly wolfed down his breakfast. By 9am he has shoveled paths through the driveway and is playing with the neighbors in the backyard. This is great, because Tom is deer hunting and Eli was very disappointed not to go. Another year or two, and it will be fine. I will be out later to shovel. It is one thing that I insanely love to do. I am not sure why, I just find the whole experience enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable experiences, Mom took a break to go Christmas shopping while Sidney went to the daycare drop off for about 5 hours. This included lunch and a nap. I know I am an absolute wimp, but I was nervous to drop her for this period of time. Tom is working an astronomical amount of hours, so I needed the time to get things accomplished. I took note after picking her up that my trepidation was ridiculous. Not only does she enjoy her time with kids in her peer group, we both need the break. She was a bit disoriented waking up from her nap, in a new environment, and shed a few tears. This is her normal behavior as she typically wakes up grouchy.   

I didn’t realize how much I needed the mental break with the number of hours Tom works.  It is not uncommon for him to work until 10pm a couple of nights a week. These are long days. My life has become better organized as a result of the help. I am amazed what I can get done in a couple of hours when I am not interrupted. I started talking to other women staying at home with their children and online friends through China adoption. They all have a couple of hours of help a week.

OK, I am off to accomplish something.

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Lisa said...

Sidney looks so sassy in this it! And so envious that you found a daycare that allows you to bring Sidney on your schedule. That's wonderful!