Friday, February 27, 2015

Iron Butterfly

Sidney got the flu on Monday afternoon on a day off from school. Many paper towels and squirts of 409 later, and I think she is on the mend. It came as somewhat of a surprise to me, because Sidney is typically the healthiest person in the house, recovering from any illness in half the time of a normal person. Maybe it’s her sneezing. It sounds like something that should come out of a grown man.I guess this is another reason Tom calls her our iron butterfly. She is so incredibly tough physically and mentally. And I don't mean just a little. 

Case in point, a couple of Sundays ago in church. Let me preface this next part with the understanding that Tom and I have taught our kids how to behave in church. We have never regaled them to the nursery when they were littler or believed they needed a five course meal during the service. Entertainment like coloring yes, Lunchables no (a story for another time). 

Even at 5 ft 10 in he still looks like the same little kid without his glasses on. I'm sure he would appreciate this comment - NOT!
Sidney being Sidney decided church was the perfect time to become, frankly, obstinate throughout the morning. Tom, the tougher in parenting of the two of us reminded me afterward, when she was stomping through snow I requested she stay out of, we can take away some of the tough behavior but not all. What's left will serve her well in life. I think we are a good parenting team, because at different moments we've both reminded one another of this. 

Only a totally unrelated topic did I mention it's freezing outside? The current temp is -17. Okay, I'm off to rearrange day two of school starting late at 10:00AM.

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